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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDUC150Passing the Test: Praxis Core Math
EDUC200Exploring Education
EDUC303Basic Instructional Design and Assessment
EDUC304Methods for Teaching Elementary Language Arts
EDUC370Introduction to Multicultural Education
EDUC390Methods for Teaching Elementary Mathematics I
EDUC410Methods for Elementary Mathematics Instruction
EDUC415Methods for Elementary Science Instruction
EDUC420Methods for Elementary Social Studies Instruction
EDUC430Field Applications of Professional Studies in the Elementary Classroom
EDUC442Teaching Grades 9 12 Math
EDUC442Teaching Grades 9 12 Soc. Stds
EDUC450Student Teaching: Grades PreK 6
EDUC451Student Teaching: Grades 6 8
EDUC452Student Teaching Grades 9 12
EDUC453Student Teaching: Grades K 12
EDUC460Passing the VCLA
EDUC462Classroom Management for Grades 6 12
EDUC488HC: Ideal Space
EDUC488HC: Perspect of Imp of UG Rsch
EDUC488HC: Secondary School Reform
EDUC488HC: Uncovering Implicit Bias
EDUC498IS: Career Explor Education
EDUC498IS: Career Exploration
EDUC498IS: Designeled
EDUC498IS: Field Participation
EDUC498IS: Inst Design Elem Setting
EDUC498IS: Teach Deep Learning
EDUC498IS: Use Instr Assistive Tech
EDUC515Methods for Elementary Science Instruction
EDUC603Evaluation of Student Learning
EDUC612Problems in Social Studies
EDUC640Intrn Tch, Sec Ed 6 12 Soc. St
EDUC640Intrn Tch, Sec Educ 6 12 ENGL
EDUC642Cncpt Pln & Tch Soc. Stds. 6 8
EDUC643Intrn Tch, Mid Ed 6 8 Soc. Std
EDUC650Graduate Seminar: Theory and Practice in Mathematics Education
EDUC698DS: Fund Collegiate Team Coach

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