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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EEL2161Elec Engr Computer Methods
EEL3100Network Analysis and Design
EEL3115LLaboratory I
EEL3116LLaboratory II
EEL3163CComputer Tool Lab
EEL3472CEE Science II - EM
EEL3705Fundamental of Digital Circuit
EEL3705LFund of Digital Circuits Lab
EEL4102Signals and Systems
EEL4206LPower Lab
EEL4212Energy Delivery Systems
EEL4241Power Electronics
EEL4252Power Systems II
EEL4295Power Quality
EEL4420Radio Freq Microwave Measuremt
EEL4421RF/Microwave Circuits I
EEL4422RF/Microwave Circuits II
EEL4423CWireless Circuits/Systems Lab
EEL4461Antenna Theory
EEL4512CIntro to Communication Systems
EEL4657Linear Control Systems
EEL4657LLinear Controls Laboratory
EEL4727CDig Sgnl Process Fld Progrmble
EEL4743LMicroprocessor Laboratory
EEL4744Microprocessor Principles/Apps
EEL4905IEEE SECon 2018
EEL4905Independent Study
EEL4906EE Design 1
EEL4914EE Design 2
EEL4935Adv Circuit Theory
EEL4935AI in Cyber Physical Systems
EEL4935Antenna Theory
EEL4935Biomed Optical Spectroscopy
EEL4935Cryptography and Data Security
EEL4935Design of Solar Power Plants
EEL4935Electrical Eng Internship
EEL4935Information Security Concepts
EEL4935Integrated System Technologies
EEL4935MAKE: Hands-On Engr Design
EEL4935NASA SUITS Challenge
EEL4935Network Science
EEL4935Prof Formation of Eng I
EEL4935Quantum Computing and Comm
EEL4935RF/MW Power Amp Design
EEL4935Statistical Inference
EEL4935Wireless Mobile Comp and Sec
EEL4936Advanced Cyber Security
EEL4936Electrical Distribution Syst
EEL4936Electromech Syst Lab
EEL4936Nanostruc/Matl-Sustainable Sys
EEL4936Wireless Comm Lab
EEL4936Wireless Comm. Lab
EEL4937IEEE SECon 2018 Prog Phase II
EEL4937Independent Study
EEL4937Leadership in Engineering
EEL5462Antenna Theory
EEL5935Relay Prot. Sys II
EEL5935Wireless Circ & Sys Design
EEL5935Wireless Circuits/Systems Lab
EEL5936Thermal Systems
EEL6023Engin Apps of Partial Diff Eq
EEL6025Math I for Professionals
EEL6026Math II for Professionals
EEL6027Engin Apps for Vector Analysis
EEL6028Math III for Professionals
EEL6245Power Electronics
EEL6285Energy Delivery Systems
EEL6292Power Sys Mkt: Oper & Analys
EEL6293Power Quality
EEL6425RF and Microwave Measurements
EEL6427RF & Microwave Circuits II
EEL6481CNum Tech in Electromagnetism
EEL6506CBroadband Comm Networks
EEL6592Wireless Comm Lab
EEL6597Wireless Net
EEL6614Systems & Control Theory I
EEL6706Testing/Fault Toler in Dig Sys
EEL6722CDSP/FPGA Laboratory
EEL6752Digital Signal Processing II
EEL6764Princ of Computer Architecture
EEL6787Data Networks, Systems and Sec
EEL6908Independent Study
EEL6908MSEE-P Project Course
EEL6935Advanced Circuit Theory
EEL6935Advanced Cyber Security
EEL6935Advanced Data Analytics
EEL6935Advanced IC Technology
EEL6935AI in Cyber Physical Systems
EEL6935Applied Kalman Filtering
EEL6935Applied Optimization
EEL6935Biomed Optical Spectroscopy
EEL6935Biomedical Engineering II
EEL6935Computer Networking & Security
EEL6935Cryptography and Data Security
EEL6935Data Analytics for Electrical
EEL6935Data Networks, Sys & Security
EEL6935Deep Learning
EEL6935Design of Solar Power Plants
EEL6935Electrical Eng Internship
EEL6935Electron Microscopy
EEL6935Embedded Systems
EEL6935Emerg Computing w Spintronics
EEL6935Intro. Emerging Membrane Tech.
EEL6935Linear and Matrix Algebra
EEL6935Network Science
EEL6935Num Meth and Partial Diff Eq
EEL6935OFDM and Beyond
EEL6935Quantum Computing and Comm
EEL6935Wireless Mobile Comp and Sec
EEL6936EE Graduate Seminar
EEL6936Electrical Distribution Syst
EEL6936MAKE: Hands-On Engr Design
EEL6936MMIC Design
EEL6936Nanostruc/Matl-Sustainable Sys
EEL6936Optimization & Ctrl in Pwr Sys
EEL6936Power Electronics
EEL6936Power Systems II
EEL6936Rapid System Prototyping
EEL6936Special topics
EEL6936Statistical Inference
EEL6936Wireless Comm Lab
EEL6936Wireless Comm. Lab
EEL6971Thesis: Master's
EEL7910Directed Research
EEL7931Sel. Topics in Comm
EEL7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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