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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EIN4142Project Management
EIN4173Quality Management Systems
EIN4180Principles of Engineering Mgmt
EIN4243CHuman Factors
EIN4333Production Control
EIN4453Advanced Lean Six Sigma
EIN4601CAutomation and Robotics
EIN4621Manufacturing Processes
EIN4891Senior Design Project II
EIN4933Capstone Presentations
EIN4933Healthcare Systems Engineering
EIN4933Leadership In Engineering
EIN4933Principles of Engin Management
EIN4933Work Design, Motivation Prod
EIN5174TQM Concepts
EIN5182Principles of Engin Management
EIN5350Technology and Finance
EIN5452Engineering a Lean Enterprise
EIN6106Technology and Law
EIN6112Info Sys Design for Engineers
EIN6154Technical Entrepreneurship
EIN6179Advanced TQM Methods
EIN6183Engin Manage Policy & Strategy
EIN6319Work Design & Productivity Eng
EIN6336Production Control Systems
EIN6392New Product Development
EIN6432Reg Product Approval Process
EIN6434Design Controls Med Dev
EIN6435Int'l Regulations Med Dev
EIN6934Predictive Analytics
EIN6934Revenue Mgmt & Pricing
EIN6934Technical Venture Strategies
EIN6935Creativity and Design
EIN6935Industrial Information Systems
EIN6935Non-Linear Opt. & Game Theory
EIN6935Statistical Quality Control
EIN6935Strategic Marketing Assessment
EIN6935Syst Mod. & Performance Analys
EIN6936Advanced Lean Six Sigma
EIN6936Engineering Analytics II
EIN6936Grad Research Seminar
EIN6936Human Error & Patient Safety
EIN6936Leadership in Engineering
EIN6936Strategies in Entrepreneu Tech
EIN6936Venture Capital & Priv Equity
EIN6971Thesis: Master's

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