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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENAE100The Aerospace Engineering Profession
ENAE202Computing Fundamentals for Engineers
ENAE283Introduction to Aerospace Systems
ENAE283HIntroduction to Aerospace Systems
ENAE301Dynamics of Aerospace Systems
ENAE311Aerodynamics I
ENAE311HAerodynamics I
ENAE362Aerospace Instrumentation and Experimentation
ENAE380Flight Software Systems
ENAE398HHonors Research Project
ENAE403Aircraft Flight Dynamics
ENAE423Vibration and Aeroelasticity
ENAE423HVibration and Aeroelasticity
ENAE441Space Navigation and Guidance
ENAE455Aircraft Propulsion and Power
ENAE457Space Propulsion and Power
ENAE481Principles of Aircraft Design
ENAE483Principles of Space Systems Design
ENAE499Elective Research
ENAE603Near-Earth Object Exploration
ENAE631Helicopter Aerodynamics I
ENAE636Helicopter Dynamics II
ENAE641Linear System Dynamics
ENAE655Structural Dynamics
ENAE673Aerodynamics of Incompressible Fluids
ENAE675Unsteady Aerodynamics
ENAE681Engineering Optimization
ENAE684Computational Fluid Dynamics I
ENAE692Introduction to Space Robotics
ENAE788DSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Advanced Space Systems Design
ENAE788GSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Aeroacoustics
ENAE788KSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Estimation and Control of Stochastic Systems
ENAE788MSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Hands on Autonomous Aerial Robotics
ENAE799Master's Thesis Research
ENAE898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENAE899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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