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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENC1101Composition I
ENC1102Composition II
ENC2210Technical Writing
ENC3241Scientific Writing and Present
ENC3242Technical Comm for Majors
ENC3246Communication for Engineers
ENC3249Comm for IT Professionals
ENC3250Professional Writing
ENC3310Expository Writing
ENC3330Rhetorical Traditions
ENC3371Rhet Theory for Tech Comm
ENC3376Multimodal Composition
ENC3416New Media for Tech Comm
ENC3445Intro to the English Major
ENC4218Visual Rhetoric Tech Comm
ENC4260Advanced Technical Writing
ENC4268Senior Seminar BTW
ENC4311Advanced Composition
ENC4353Public Rhetorics
ENC4377Advanced Rhetoric
ENC4431Writing and New Media
ENC4906PTW Independent Study
ENC4931Sel Topics: Editing
ENC4931Sel Topics: Environmental Rhet
ENC4931ST in Professional & Tech
ENC4931Word Processing Techniques for
ENC4940Tech/Prof Internship
ENC4946PTW Internship
ENC6261Prof & Tech Communication
ENC6319Sch Wr for Pub in Eng Stu
ENC6333Contemporary Rhetorics
ENC6421Studies in Rhetoric & Tech
ENC6421Studies Rhetoric & Technology
ENC6700Studies in Composition Theory
ENC6720Studies in Comp Research
ENC6745Teaching Practicum

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