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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENC1101Composition I
ENC1102Composition II
ENC2210Technical Writing
ENC3241Scientific Writing and Present
ENC3242Technical Comm for Majors
ENC3246Communication for Engineers
ENC3249Comm for IT Professionals
ENC3250Professional Writing
ENC3310Expository Writing
ENC3330Rhetorical Traditions
ENC3331Client & Civic Communications
ENC3371Rhet Theory for Tech Comm
ENC3373Rhetoric of Marginalized Comm
ENC3376Multimodal Composition
ENC3416New Media for Tech Comm
ENC3445Intro to the English Major
ENC4218Visual Rhetoric Tech Comm
ENC4260Tech/Prof Capstone
ENC4264Managerial Communications
ENC4268Senior Seminar BTW
ENC4311Advanced Composition
ENC4353Public Rhetorics
ENC4377Advanced Rhetoric
ENC4431Writing and New Media
ENC4906PTW Independent Study
ENC4931Sel Topics: Environmental Comm
ENC4931SelTopics Research Methods
ENC4931ST in Professional & Tech
ENC4931Topics in Prof/Tech Writing
ENC4931Word Processing Techniques for
ENC4940Tech/Prof Internship
ENC6261Prof & Tech Communication
ENC6319Sch Wr for Pub in Eng Stu
ENC6333Contemporary Rhetorics
ENC6421Studies in Rhetoric & Tech
ENC6421Studies Rhetoric & Technology
ENC6700Studies in Composition Theory
ENC6720Studies in Comp Research
ENC6745Teaching Practicum

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