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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENCE100Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering
ENCE200Civil Engineering Computation
ENCE201Engineering Information Processing
ENCE204How Do Cities Work
ENCE205Biology for Civil and Environmental Engineers
ENCE215Engineering for Sustainability
ENCE300Fundamentals of Engineering Materials
ENCE302Probability and Statistics for Civil and Environmental Engineers
ENCE305Fundamentals of Engineering Fluids
ENCE310Introduction to Environmental Engineering
ENCE320Introduction to Project Management
ENCE325Introduction to Construction Project Management
ENCE340Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering
ENCE353Introduction to Structural Analysis
ENCE360Analysis of Civil Engineering Systems
ENCE370Introduction to Transportation Engineering and Planning
ENCE411Environmental Engineering Science
ENCE420Selection and Utilization of Construction Equipment
ENCE422Project Cost Accounting and Economics
ENCE423Project Planning, Estimating & Scheduling
ENCE424Communication for Project Managers
ENCE426Construction Documentation and BIM Applications in Engineering and Construction
ENCE430Introduction to Infrastructure and Resilience
ENCE432Ground Water Hydrology
ENCE433Assessment of Natural Hazards for Engineering Applications
ENCE441Foundation Design
ENCE444Experimental Methods in Geotechnical Structural Engineering
ENCE454Design of Concrete Structures
ENCE466Design of Civil Engineering Systems
ENCE470Highway Engineering
ENCE489Special Problems in Civil Engineering
ENCE489GSpecial Problems in Civil Engineering; Remote Sensing of Global Water
ENCE602Project Procurement Management
ENCE606Graduate Introduction to Project Scheduling
ENCE610Fundamentals of Structural Analysis
ENCE613Structural Dynamics
ENCE614Communications for Project Managers
ENCE622Construction Automation & Robotics
ENCE627Project Risk Management
ENCE632Introduction to Infrastructure and Resilience
ENCE633Assessment of Natural Hazards for Engineering Applications
ENCE650Process Dynamics in Environmental Systems
ENCE651Chemistry of Natural Waters
ENCE652Microbiological Principles of Environmental Engineering
ENCE661Project Cost Accounting and Finance
ENCE662Introduction to Project Management
ENCE666Cost Engineering and Control
ENCE670Highway Traffic Characteristics and Measurements
ENCE672Regional Transportation Planning
ENCE688IAdvanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Discrete Choice Analysis
ENCE688OAdvanced Topics in Civil Engineering
ENCE688PAdvanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Data Mining and Machine Learning for the Built Environment
ENCE688TAdvanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Disaster Resilience Seminar
ENCE689GSeminar; Remote Sensing of Global Water
ENCE689RSeminar; Research Methods
ENCE741Earth Retaining Structures
ENCE799Master's Thesis Research
ENCE898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENCE899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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