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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENES099TerrapinSTRONG: ClarkLEAD Community Conversations
ENES100Introduction to Engineering Design
ENES100AIntroduction to Engineering Design
ENES102Mechanics I
ENES102HMechanics I
ENES113Virtus Living and Learning Community Seminar I
ENES115FLEXUS Living and Learning Community Seminar I
ENES140Discovering New Ventures
ENES150Transfer LEAD Seminar I
ENES181Engineering & The Grand Challenges
ENES190HIntroduction to Design and Quality
ENES210Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis and Decision-Making in 21st Century Technology Ventures
ENES213Virtus Living and Learning Community Seminar III
ENES215FLEXUS Living and Learning Community Seminar III
ENES220Mechanics II
ENES304RISE Seminar
ENES317Introduction to Engineering Leadership
ENES338KTeaching and Learning about Cultural Diversity through Intergroup Dialogue; Equity and Inclusion in Engineering Design
ENES390HDesigning Innovative Systems
ENES397Mentoring Multidisciplinary Teams
ENES424Engineering Leadership Capstone
ENES440Science, Technology and Society: Certificate Program Capstone
ENES460Fundamentals of Technology Start-Up Ventures
ENES461Advanced Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis in Technology Ventures
ENES472International Business Cultures in Engineering and Technology
ENES480Engineering Honors Seminar I
ENES489ASpecial Topics in Engineering; Applied Quantitative Analysis
ENES490HQUEST Capstone Professional Practicum
ENES491Scoping Experiential Learning Projects
ENES602Future Faculty Program Seminar II
ENES604Future Faculty Program Teaching Practicum
ENES662Innovative Ideas and Concept Development
ENES663Strategies for Managing Innovation
ENES666Creative Design, Prototyping, and Testing
ENES667Market Development and Commercialization
ENES672Launching Technology Startup Ventures

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