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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENFP101Introduction to Fire Protection Engineering
ENFP250Introduction to Life Safety Analysis
ENFP300Fire Protection Fluid Mechanics
ENFP405Structural Fire Protection
ENFP410Special Hazard Suppression Systems
ENFP415Fire Dynamics
ENFP425Enclosure Fire Modeling
ENFP429Independent Studies
ENFP440Smoke Management and Fire Alarm Systems
ENFP464Industrial Fire Safety
ENFP489Special Topics
ENFP601Introduction to Fire Protection Engineering
ENFP611Fire Induced Flows
ENFP619Graduate Seminar
ENFP621Analytical Procedures of Structural Fire Protection
ENFP625Advanced Fire Modeling
ENFP626Computational Fire Modeling
ENFP627Smoke Detection and Management
ENFP629Selected Topics
ENFP649Special Problems
ENFP651Advanced Fire Dynamics
ENFP653Advanced Fire Supression
ENFP662Performance Based Design
ENFP664Advanced Industrial Fire Safety
ENFP799Master's Thesis Research

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