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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENFP101Introduction to Fire Protection Engineering
ENFP201Numerical Methods with MatLab
ENFP310Water Based Fire Protection Systems Design
ENFP312Heat and Mass Transfer
ENFP350Professional Development Seminar
ENFP411Risk-Informed Performance Based Design
ENFP413Human Response to Fire
ENFP420Fire Assessment Methods and Laboratory
ENFP426Computational Methods in Fire Protection
ENFP429Independent Studies
ENFP465Fire and Explosion Investigations
ENFP489Special Topics
ENFP613Advanced Life Safety Analysis
ENFP619Graduate Seminar
ENFP620Fire Dynamics Laboratory
ENFP629Selected Topics
ENFP630Diffusion Flames and Burning Rate Theory
ENFP649Special Problems
ENFP652Fire Assessment Methods
ENFP665Advanced Fire and Explosion Investigations
ENFP799Master's Thesis Research

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