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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENGE1215ENGE 1215 Waitlist
ENGE1215Foundations of Engineering
ENGE1216Foundations of Engineering
ENGE1354Intro to Spatial Visualization
ENGE1414Foundations of Engr Practice
ENGE2094Create!: Ideation & Innovation
ENGE2634Intro to Restricted Research
ENGE2974Independent Study
ENGE2994Undergraduate Research
ENGE4974Independent Study
ENGE4994Undergraduate Research
ENGE5214Issues in Engr Education
ENGE5224Disp Lit in Eng Educ
ENGE5304Grad Stud Succ Multicult Envir
ENGE5604Engr Education Rsrch Mthds
ENGE5704EngE Graduate Seminar
ENGE5974Independent Study
ENGE5994Research and Thesis
ENGE6974Independent Study
ENGE7994Research and Dissertation

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