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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENMA150Materials of Civilization
ENMA165Introduction to Programming with Python
ENMA180Materials Science and Engineering: The Field and the Future
ENMA300Introduction to Materials Engineering
ENMA312Experimental Methods in Materials Science
ENMA362Mechanical Properties
ENMA411Materials for Energy II
ENMA422Radiation Effects of Materials
ENMA437Machine Learning for Materials Science
ENMA441Characterization of Materials
ENMA460Introduction to Solid State Physics
ENMA464Environmental Effects on Engineering Materials
ENMA466Advanced Materials Fabrication Laboratory
ENMA471Kinetics, Diffusion and Phase Transformations
ENMA473Engineering Using High Strength Metals and Alloys
ENMA486Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering
ENMA487Capstone Preparation
ENMA489CSelected Topics in Engineering Materials; Continuum Modeling of Materials
ENMA495Polymeric Engineering Materials I
ENMA499Senior Laboratory Project
ENMA637Machine Learning for Materials Science
ENMA641Nanotechnology Characterization
ENMA650Nanometer Structure of Materials
ENMA660Thermodynamics in Materials Science
ENMA664Advanced Environmental Effects on Engineering Materials
ENMA680Determination of Structure, Chemical Composition and Defects in Materials
ENMA683Structural Determination Laboratory
ENMA688Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering
ENMA689CSpecial Topics in Engineering Materials; Continuum Modeling of Materials
ENMA698Special Problems in Materials Science and Engineering
ENMA797Independent Study
ENMA799Master's Thesis Research
ENMA898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENMA899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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