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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENME201Careers in Mechanical Engineering
ENME202Computing Fundamentals for Engineers
ENME208Introduction to Automotive Engineering and Design
ENME272Introduction to Computer Aided Design
ENME331Fluid Mechanics
ENME332Transfer Processes
ENME350Electronics and Instrumentation I
ENME351Electronics and Instrumentation II
ENME361Vibration, Controls and Optimization I
ENME371Product Engineering and Manufacturing
ENME382Introduction to Materials Engineering
ENME392Statistical Methods for Product and Processes Development
ENME400Machine Design
ENME408Selected Topics in Engineering Design; Automotive Design
ENME416Additive Manufacturing
ENME423Modern Climate Control and Building Energy Design/Analysis
ENME426Production Management
ENME430Fundamentals of Nuclear Reactor Engineering
ENME432Reactor and Radiation Measurements Laboratory
ENME440Applied Machine Learning for Engineering and Design
ENME441Mechatronics and the Internet of Things
ENME442Information Security
ENME444Assistive Robotics
ENME454Vehicle Dynamics
ENME462Vibrations, Controls, and Optimization II
ENME470Finite Element Analysis
ENME472Integrated Product and Process Development
ENME473Mechanical Design of Electronic Systems
ENME480Introduction to Robotics
ENME488Special Problems
ENME489Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ENME489ASpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering; Optimal Control of Energy Systems
ENME489FSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering; Dynamics of Atmospheric Flight
ENME489GSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering; Manufacturing Processes and Design
ENME489JSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering; Numerical Methods in Engineering
ENME489USpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering; Fluid Structure Interactions
ENME489VSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering; Mechanical Contracting
ENME489XSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering; Energy Conversion Systems for Sustainability
ENME605Advanced Systems Control
ENME610Engineering Optimization
ENME631Advanced Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer
ENME640Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
ENME662Linear Vibrations
ENME670Continuum Mechanics
ENME672Composite Materials
ENME690Mechanical Fundamentals of Electronic Systems
ENME701Sustainable Energy Conversion and the Environment
ENME737Application of AI in Reliability: Prognostics and Systems Health Management (PHM)
ENME743Applied Machine Learning for Engineering and Design
ENME744Additive Manufacturing
ENME745Numerical Methods in Engineering
ENME750Applied System Identification
ENME770Life Cycle Cost and System Sustainment Analysis
ENME799Master's Thesis Research
ENME808Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ENME809BSpecial Topics; Optimal Control of Energy Systems
ENME809CSpecial Topics; Fluid Structure Interactions
ENME898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENME899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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