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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENPM600Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineers
ENPM603Theory and Applications of Digital Signal Processing
ENPM607Computer System Design and Architecture
ENPM611Software Engineering
ENPM613Software Design & Implementation
ENPM620Computer Aided Engineering Analysis
ENPM622Energy Conversion I - Stationary Power
ENPM623Engineering Combustion Emissions for Air Pollution Control
ENPM624Renewable Energy Applications
ENPM625Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Buildings
ENPM645Human-Robot Interaction
ENPM657Applied Cryptography
ENPM660Wind Energy Engineering
ENPM662Introduction to Robot Modeling
ENPM667Control of Robotic Systems
ENPM672Fundamentals for Thermal Systems
ENPM677Wireless Sensor Networks
ENPM687Digital Forensics and Incidence Responses
ENPM691Hacking of C programs and Unix Binaries
ENPM694Networks and Protocols
ENPM808Advanced Topics in Engineering
ENPM808AAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Introduction to Machine Learning
ENPM808OAdvanced Topics in Engineering; AI-Based Software Systems
ENPM808WAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Data Science
ENPM808XAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Software Development for Robotics
ENPM809KSpecial Topics in Engineering; Fundamentals for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Framework
ENPM809QSpecial Topics in Engineering; Penetration Testing
ENPM809WSpecial Topics in Engineering; Introduction to Secure Coding for Software Engineering
ENPM809YSpecial Topics in Engineering; Introductory Robot Programming

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