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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENPM601Analog and Digital Communication Systems
ENPM602Data Networks
ENPM609Microprocessor-Based Design
ENPM611Software Engineering
ENPM612System and Software Requirements
ENPM614Software Testing & Maintenence
ENPM621Heat Pump and Refrigeration Systems Design Analysis
ENPM627Environmental Risk Analysis
ENPM632Advanced TCP/IP Networking
ENPM635Thermal Systems Design Analysis
ENPM650Solar Thermal Energy Systems
ENPM656Energy Conversion II -- Mobile Power
ENPM661Planning for Autonomous Robots
ENPM663Building a Manufacturing Robotic Software System
ENPM664Embedded System Hacking and Security
ENPM671Advanced Mechanics of Materials
ENPM672Fundamentals for Thermal Systems
ENPM673Perception for Autonomous Robots
ENPM674Design and Synthesis of Digital Systems
ENPM675Operating System Design
ENPM685Security Tools for Information Security
ENPM686Information Assurance
ENPM691Hacking of C programs and Unix Binaries
ENPM692Manufacturing and Automation
ENPM693Network Security
ENPM696Reverse Software Engineering
ENPM697Secure Software Testing and Construction
ENPM808Advanced Topics in Engineering
ENPM808LAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Analytics for Decision Support
ENPM808RAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Machine Learning Techniques Applied to Cybersecurity
ENPM808VAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Quality Management Systems and Lean Six Sigma
ENPM809ESpecial Topics in Engineering; Python Applications for Robotics
ENPM809TSpecial Topics in Engineering; Autonomous Robotics
ENPM809XSpecial Topics in Engineering; Data and Algorithms
ENPM809ZSpecial Topics in Engineering; Sustainability and Innovation

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