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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENST200Fundamentals of Soil Science
ENST233Introduction to Environmental Health
ENST281Computer Aided Design in Ecology
ENST282Ecological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ENST301Field Soil Morphology I
ENST302Field Soil Morphology II
ENST303Field Soil Morphology III
ENST333Ecosystem Health and Protection
ENST360Ecosystem Ecology
ENST388Honors Thesis Research
ENST403Invasive Species Ecology
ENST411Principles of Soil Fertility
ENST414Soil Morphology, Genesis and Classification
ENST415Renewable Energy
ENST417Soil Hydrology and Physics
ENST432Environmental Microbiology
ENST450Wetland Ecology
ENST460Principles of Wildlife Management
ENST485Water Management in Urban Environment
ENST486Senior Professional Internship
ENST487Environmental Conflicts and Decision Making
ENST489Research Experience
ENST499Special Topics in Environmental Science and Technology
ENST499LSpecial Topics in Environmental Science and Technology; Ground Water Use in the Developing World
ENST499XSpecial Topics in Environmental Science and Technology; Soil Science
ENST499YSpecial Topics in Environmental Science and Technology; College Teaching
ENST602Research Principles and Methodology in Environmental Scienceand Technolgy
ENST603Advanced Invasive Species Ecology
ENST606Advanced Ecosystem Health and Natural Resource Management
ENST607Adaptation and Resilience in Cities
ENST611Advanced Principles of Soil Fertility
ENST650Advanced Wetland Ecology
ENST689Special Topics
ENST689OSpecial Topics; Advances in Research, Invasive Plants
ENST689XSpecial Topics; Methods in University Teaching
ENST689YSpecial Topics; Advances in Research, Plant Membrane Biology
ENST689ZSpecial Topics; Introductory University Instruction
ENST761Methods in Pedological Investigations
ENST798Graduate Seminar
ENST799Master's Thesis Research
ENST898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENST899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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