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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENST100International Crop Production-Issues and Challenges in the 21st Century
ENST200Fundamentals of Soil Science
ENST214Introduction to Fish and Wildlife Sciences
ENST233Introduction to Environmental Health
ENST309Advanced Field Soil Morphology
ENST334Environmental Toxicology
ENST388Honors Thesis Research
ENST404Ecological and Natural Resources Ethics
ENST405Energy and Environment
ENST421Soil Chemistry
ENST422Soil Microbial Ecology
ENST423Soil-Water Pollution
ENST430Wetland Soils
ENST436Emerging Environmental Threats
ENST452Wetland Restoration
ENST456Spatial Analysis and Ecological Sampling
ENST462Field Techniques in Wildlife Management
ENST470Ideas into Impact
ENST472Capstone II
ENST486Senior Professional Internship
ENST489Research Experience
ENST499Special Topics in Environmental Science and Technology
ENST499BSpecial Topics in Environmental Science and Technology; Ecology of Plastics
ENST499CSpecial Topics in Environmental Science and Technology; Green Technologies for Watershed Enhancement
ENST499YSpecial Topics in Environmental Science and Technology; College Teaching
ENST604Advanced Ecological and Natural Resource Ethics
ENST605Energy and Environment
ENST622Advanced Soil Microbial Ecology
ENST630Advanced Wetland Soils
ENST681Advanced Ecological Design
ENST689Special Topics
ENST689BSpecial Topics; Ecology of Plastics
ENST689KSpecial Topics; Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) from a One Health Perspective
ENST689PSpecial Topics; Water and Development: A Global Change
ENST689YSpecial Topics; Advances in Research, Plant Membrane Biology
ENST702Environmental Science and Technology: Communication and Professional Development
ENST798Graduate Seminar
ENST799Master's Thesis Research
ENST898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENST899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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