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ENTS622Introduction to Digital Communication Systems
ENTS625Management and Organizational Behavior in the Telecommunications Industry
ENTS630The Economics of International Telecommunications
ENTS632Telecommunications Marketing Management
ENTS635Decision Support Methods for Telecommunication Managers
ENTS640Networks and Protocols I
ENTS656Introduction to Cellular Communication Networks
ENTS669BSpecial Topics in Computing; Distributed Systems in a Virtual Environment
ENTS669GSpecial Topics in Computing; Data Mining with Numerical Python
ENTS689ASpecial Topics in Telecommunications; Algorithms and Data Structures
ENTS699Independent Study in Telecommunications; Independent Study in Telecommunications
ENTS699BIndependent Study in Telecommunications; Embedded Signal Processing
ENTS749BAdvanced Topics in Networking; Software-Defined Networking
ENTS759DAdvanced Topics in Communications; Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cells
ENTS759FAdvanced Topics in Communications; 5G Radio Access Networks and Technologies

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