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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EUH2000Western Civilization I
EUH2001Western Civilization II
EUH2011Ancient History I
EUH2012Ancient History II
EUH2021Byzantine Empire
EUH2022The Medieval West
EUH2030Modern European History I
EUH2031Modern European History II
EUH3142Renaissance and Reformation
EUH3181Medieval Culture
EUH3185Viking History
EUH3205History of 19th Century Europe
EUH3206History of 20th Century Europe
EUH3401Classical Greece
EUH3402Age of Alexander
EUH3412Roman Republic
EUH3413Roman Empire
EUH3451Modern France and its Empire
EUH3501British History to 1688
EUH3533Celtic History
EUH3575Imperial Russia 1689-1917
EUH3576Soviet Union, 1917-1991
EUH3676Christians, Pagans, Heretics

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