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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EXPH101Intro-Exercise Physiology
EXPH235Intro Global Issues Ex Phys
EXPH240Medical Terminology
EXPH365Exercise Physiology 1
EXPH369Strength/Conditioning Methods
EXPH370Writing for Exercise Science
EXPH387Adv Physiology of Exercise 2
EXPH389Adv Physiolo of Exercise Lab 2
EXPH440Anatomy for Exercise Physiol
EXPH441Gross Anatomy for Ex Phys
EXPH450Theory of Aquatic Therapy
EXPH451Application of Aquatic Therapy
EXPH452Aquatic Therapy Facility Manag
EXPH475Indstry Orgnztn-Exrcise Physio
EXPH491Professional Field Experience
EXPH493ASPTP: Current Affairs
EXPH493FSPTP: Applied Biomechanics
EXPH493GSPTP: Exercise Is Medicine
EXPH495Independent Study
EXPH496Senior Thesis:Capstone
EXPH499CGSL: Global Service Brazil
EXPH567Exercise Physiology 2
EXPH593ASPTP: Prof. Field Placement
EXPH672Professional Field Placement
EXPH673Exercise Prescription
EXPH682Research Design and Methods
EXPH695Independent Study
EXPH696Graduate Seminar
EXPH793ASPTP: Human Perf & Rehab
EXPH796Graduate Seminar
EXPH799Graduate Colloquium

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