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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FILM245Film Form and Culture
FILM298ASpecial Topics in International Film Studies; Masterpieces in French and Francophone Cinemas
FILM298BIranian Cinema
FILM298DSpecial Topics in International Film Studies; Film Art in a Global Society
FILM301Cinema History I: The Silent Era
FILM319KSpecial Topics in Documentary, Animation, Experimental Cinema, and Other Visual Media; The Disney Studio and the Animation Industry
FILM329ESpecial Topics in National/International Cinemas; Soviet Film: Soviet Cinema and Culture after Stalin
FILM329GSpecial Topics in National/International Cinemas; Hollywood and Politics in the 20th Century
FILM329RSpecial Topics in National/International Cinemas; The Mafia: From Corleone to Hollywood
FILM359BSpecial Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements; TV Genres in Context: Israeli Serials and American TV
FILM359PSpecial Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements; The Films of Martin Scorsese
FILM359XSpecial Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements; Classic Foreign Films
FILM369NSpecial Topics in Film Theories; Sound, Voice, Music
FILM385German Cinema
FILM388Experiential Learning: Cinema and Media Studies
FILM421Francophone African Film
FILM429GSpecial Topics in National/International Cinemas; Global Art Cinemas
FILM469GSpecial Topics in Film Theories II; Cinema in the History of Media
FILM499Directed Study in Cinema and Media Studies

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