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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FIN2100Personal Finance
FIN3005Fundmntls of Business Finance
FIN3144Financial Planning
FIN3233Money and Banking
FIN3403Principles of Finance
FIN3604International Finance
FIN4128Financial Planning Process
FIN4132Estate Planning
FIN4303Financial Institutions/Markets
FIN4412Working Capital Management
FIN4414Advanced Corporation Finance
FIN4443Financial Policies/Strategies
FIN4453Fin. Modeling and Analytics
FIN4461Financial Statement Analysis
FIN4504Principles of Investments
FIN4514Adv Investment Analysis/Mgmt
FIN4533Financial Option & Futures
FIN4560Applied Securities Analysis
FIN4905Independent Study
FIN4934Behavioral Finance
FIN4934ST:Personal Financial Planning
FIN4940Finance Internship
FIN4970Finance Honors Thesis
FIN6246Advanc Money/Capital Markets
FIN6406Financial Management
FIN6416Adv Financial Management
FIN6425Financial Policy
FIN6455Fin Modeling and Analytics
FIN6465Financial Statement Analysis
FIN6466Financial Analysis
FIN6605Int'l Financial Management
FIN6906Independent Study
FIN6915Directed Research
FIN6934Advanced Investment
FIN7808Advanced Micro Finance
FIN7817Financial Markets
FIN7930Selected Topics in Finance

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