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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FIS191First-Year Seminar
FIS201Intro-Forensic Identification
FIS202Crime Scene Invest Overview
FIS301Sci/Technlgy-Fingerprint ID
FIS305Biolgcl Evidence-Forensic Exam
FIS306Expert Testimony Perspectives
FIS314Introduction to Microscopy
FIS330Principles of Forensic Photo
FIS335Forensic Photography
FIS340Forensic Chemical Analysis
FIS341Forensic Chemical Analysis Lab
FIS393ASPTP: Internship Preparation
FIS393DSPTP: Fingerprint Science
FIS402Crime Scene Investigation 2
FIS404Law and Evidence
FIS406Court Testimony
FIS470Analytical Forensic Toxicology
FIS471Anal. Forensic Toxicology Lab
FIS480Forensic Quality Assurance
FIS485Prof Ethics-Forensic Science
FIS490Teaching Practicum
FIS492ADir St: Internship
FIS492CDir St: Firearms Examination
FIS492DDir St:Honors Internshp Thesis
FIS493ISPTP: Biology of the Grave
FIS495Independent Study
FIS498CHonors Add on for FIS 201
FIS501Foundations of Criminalistics
FIS502Forensic Laboratory Management
FIS602Forensic Informatics
FIS610Firearms Examination
FIS696Graduate Seminar
FIS796Graduate Seminar

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