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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FMSC110SFamilies and Global Health
FMSC170Modern Families
FMSC186Family Law and Ethics in Assisted Reproduction
FMSC190Man Up! Where Are The Fathers?
FMSC260Couple Relationships
FMSC286Assisted Reproduction Law and Policy in the US and Brazil
FMSC290Family Economics
FMSC302Research Methods in Family Science
FMSC310Maternal, Child and Family Health
FMSC330Family Theories and Patterns
FMSC332Children in Families
FMSC341Personal and Family Finance
FMSC381Poverty, Affluence, and Families
FMSC383Delivery of Human Services to Families
FMSC399Independent Study
FMSC432Adult Development and Aging in Families
FMSC460Violence in Families
FMSC477Internship and Analysis in Family Science
FMSC487Family Law
FMSC498Special Topics: Family Science; Family Studies
FMSC498HSpecial Topics: Family Science; Family Studies Honors Thesis
FMSC498PSpecial Topics: Family Science
FMSC640Family Therapy: Theory and Techniques
FMSC642Normal and Abnormal Individual and Family Development
FMSC650Ethical, Legal, and Professional Principles in Couple and Family Therapy
FMSC652Psychopathology and Diagnosis in Family Systems
FMSC658Supervised Clinical Practice in Couple and Family Therapy
FMSC689Research Internship
FMSC698Advanced Topics in Family Science
FMSC698AAdvanced Topics in Family Science
FMSC699Independent Study
FMSC710Maternal and Child Health from a Life Course Perspective
FMSC745Gender and Ethnicity in Family Therapy and Service Delivery
FMSC750Family and Health Policy
FMSC789Non-Thesis Research
FMSC799Master's Thesis Research
FMSC879Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals Seminar
FMSC898Pre-Candidacy Research
FMSC899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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