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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FMSC186Family Law and Ethics in Assisted Reproduction
FMSC190Man Up! Where Are The Fathers?
FMSC260Couple Relationships
FMSC310Maternal, Child and Family Health
FMSC332Children in Families
FMSC341Personal and Family Finance
FMSC383Delivery of Human Services to Families
FMSC460Violence in Families
FMSC487Family Law
FMSC654Clinical Marriage and Family Therapy Practice
FMSC689Research Internship
FMSC698AAdvanced Topics in Family Science; Trauma and Addiction
FMSC698PAdvanced Topics in Family Science; Play Therapy
FMSC698VAdvanced Topics in Family Science; Violence in Families
FMSC699Independent Study
FMSC789Non-Thesis Research
FMSC799Master's Thesis Research; Master Thesis Research
FMSC879Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals Seminar

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