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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FREN103Intensive Elementary French
FREN203Intensive Intermediate French
FREN204French Grammar and Composition
FREN250Introduction to Cultural and Textual Analysis
FREN250HIntroduction to Cultural and Textual Analysis
FREN301Composition and Style
FREN302Translation: French to English
FREN306Commercial French I
FREN352From the Age of Epic and Romance to the Enlightenment
FREN352HFrom the Age of Epic and Romance to the Enlightenment
FREN386Experiential Learning
FREN387Critical Writing on France and the French-Speaking World
FREN399Directed Study in French
FREN495HHonors Thesis Research
FREN498MSpecial Topics in French Literature; Gender and Sexuality in French and Francophone Literature and Culture
FREN498VSpecial Topics in French Literature; The Imaginary Herbiary: Vegetal Images in French Literature
FREN699BSeminar; Deterritorialized Literature, 16th-17th Century
FREN699JSeminar; French Popular Culture: Colonial and Postcolonial Texts, Films, and Images
FREN798Master's Independent Study
FREN799Master's Thesis Research
FREN889Doctoral Independent Study
FREN898Pre-Candidacy Research
FREN899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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