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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

GVPT170American Government
GVPT200International Political Relations
GVPT201Scope and Methods for Political Science Research
GVPT203The Challenge of Authoritarianism
GVPT241The Study of Political Philosophy: Ancient and Modern
GVPT273Introduction to Environmental Politics
GVPT282Politics and the Developing World
GVPT289AAppetite for Change: Politics and the Globalization of Food
GVPT306Global Environmental Politics
GVPT317Mock Trial II: Advanced Trial Advocacy
GVPT331Courts, Law and Justice
GVPT355Capstone in International Conflict Management
GVPT356Capstone in International Development
GVPT359FTopics in Comparative Politics; Issues in African Development
GVPT368NSpecial Topics in Government and Politics; American Jewry and Public Policy
GVPT373Geographic Information Systems for Redistricting
GVPT388Topical Investigations
GVPT388BTopical Investigations; Innovation in the Public Sector
GVPT388MTopical Investigations; Mock Trial Independent Study
GVPT388RTopical Investigations; Race Relations in the US and France
GVPT388WTopical Investigations; Experiential Learning: Maryland, Public Policy and Beyond
GVPT390Game Theory
GVPT396Introduction to Honors Research
GVPT397Honors Research
GVPT406International Organizations
GVPT409ASeminar in International Relations and World Politics; Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution
GVPT409CSeminar in International Relations and World Politics; Conflict and the Environment
GVPT409DSeminar in International Relations and World Politics; Immigration and Crossing Borders: Causes, Consequences, and New Questions
GVPT409ESeminar in International Relations and World Politics; International Relations of East Asia
GVPT409HSeminar in International Relations and World Politics; Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution
GVPT409PSeminar in International Relations and World Politics; Conflict in the International System
GVPT409RSeminar in International Relations and World Politics; Political Economy of Foreign Aid
GVPT423Elections and Electoral Behavior
GVPT432Civil Rights and the Constitution
GVPT439ASeminar in Public Law; Comparative Constitutional Law
GVPT439TSeminar in Public Law; Constitutional Difficulties in the Age of Trump
GVPT445HMarxism and Postmarxism
GVPT449ESeminar in Political Philosophy; Social Philosophy and Political Economy
GVPT449GSeminar in Political Philosophy; Global Justice
GVPT449PSeminar in Political Philosophy; The Psychotic Edge of Political Life
GVPT456The Politics of Terrorism
GVPT457American Foreign Relations
GVPT459ASeminar in Comparative Politics; Ethnic Politics
GVPT459ISeminar in Comparative Politics; Thinking Like a Citizen: Civic Ideals and Civic Practices
GVPT459MSeminar in Comparative Politics; Social Movements
GVPT459PSeminar in Comparative Politics; The Revolutions of 1989 and Their Consequences: Communism and Post-Communism in East-Central Europe
GVPT459YSeminar in Comparative Politics; Comparative Political Ideology
GVPT461Local Politics and Government
GVPT473HThe U.S. Congress
GVPT479CSeminar in American Politics; Civic Engagement in Action
GVPT479KSeminar in American Politics; Presidential Elections
GVPT479MSeminar in American Politics; Political Science Survey Methods and Experience
GVPT487Government and Politics of China
GVPT722Advanced Quantitative Methods For Political Science
GVPT729MSpecial Topics in Quantitative Political Analysis; Multilevel Analysis
GVPT771Seminar in American Political Behavior
GVPT799Master's Thesis Research
GVPT808BSelected Topics in Functional Problems in International Relations; Conflict and World Politics
GVPT808CSelected Topics in Functional Problems in International Relations; Prospectus Seminar in International Relations & Comparative Relations
GVPT831Formal Theories of Politics I
GVPT849Readings in Government and Politics
GVPT868LProblems of State and Local Government; State and Local Politics
GVPT873Seminar in Legislatures and Legislation
GVPT888BSelected Topics in Comparative Governmental Institutions; Democracy and Democratization
GVPT889BSelected Topics in Area Problems in International Relations; International Relations Theory and East Asia
GVPT898Pre-Candidacy Research
GVPT899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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