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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HACS100Foundations in Cybersecurity I
HACS200Applied Cybersecurity Foundations II
HACS201Introduction to UNIX
HACS208MProject Management Techniques for IT Professionals
HACS208NDigital Forensics
HACS208PBeyond Technology, the Policy Implications of Cyberspace
HACS279Undergraduate Research in Cybersecurity
HACS287Undergraduate Research in Cybersecurity
HACS297Cybersecurity Experience Reflection
HACS408LAdvanced Seminar in Cybersecurity; Analytical and Forensic Techniques for Cybersecurity
HACS408MAdvanced Seminar in Cybersecurity; Introduction to Cyber Threats and Risk Management
HACS408OAdvanced Seminar in Cybersecurity; IoT Security
HACS479Undergraduate Research in Cybersecurity
HACS498Cybersecurity Group Problem Solving

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