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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HACS101Applied Cybersecurity Foundations
HACS202Group Project in Cybersecurity
HACS208ASeminar in Cybersecurity; Accounting and Economic Aspects of Cybersecurity
HACS208ESeminar in Cybersecurity; Introduction to Reverse Engineering
HACS208ISeminar in Cybersecurity; Security Incident Handling and Management
HACS208ZSeminar in Cybersecurity; Methods for Solving and Not Solving Puzzles
HACS279Undergraduate Research in Cybersecurity
HACS287Undergraduate Research in Cybersecurity
HACS297Cybersecurity Experience Reflection
HACS318ACybersecurity Professionals Colloquium Series; Current Issues
HACS408CAdvanced Seminar in Cybersecurity; Interpersonal Cyber Communications
HACS408DAdvanced Seminar in Cybersecurity; Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity
HACS408TAdvanced Seminar in Cybersecurity; Penetration Testing
HACS408VAdvanced Seminar in Cybersecurity; Data Analysis and Visualization for Cybersecurity
HACS479Undergraduate Research in Cybersecurity
HACS498Cybersecurity Group Problem Solving

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