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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIIM110Intro to US Healthcare System
HIIM112Fundamentals of HIM
HIIM231HIIM Applications
HIIM233HIIM Fundamentals Disease Mgt
HIIM235Coding/Classify Diseases
HIIM237Intro to Professional Practice
HIIM240Classification of Procedures
HIIM242Healthcare Reimburse/Revenue
HIIM244Principles HIIM Quality Mgt
HIIM246Fundamentals of CDI
HIIM247Registries in Healthcare
HIIM248HIIM Professional Practice 1
HIIM360App Health Classification Sys
HIIM362Data Governance in Healthcare
HIIM364Healthcare Data Design
HIIM366Healthcare Analytics 1
HIIM368HIIM Professional Practice 2
HIIM480HIIM Administration
HIIM482HI and Information Governance
HIIM484Capstone in HIIM
HIIM486Advanced Prof Practice in HIIM

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