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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIS2931Modern Middle East
HIS3002Historical Methods & Materials
HIS3308War and Society
HIS3930Africn Amer History since 1865
HIS3930American Food and Drink
HIS3930Archaeology of Greece
HIS3930Daily Life in Ancient Greece
HIS3930Decline & Fall of the Roman
HIS3930Digital Imaging for Historians
HIS3930Digital Investigation
HIS3930Digital Investigations
HIS3930Early Modern Europe
HIS3930Florida Literature & Culture
HIS3930Gay & Lesbian US History
HIS3930Gay and Lesbian US History
HIS3930Global Hist & Pol since 1945
HIS3930Global History of Communism
HIS3930Hitler and Stalin
HIS3930Hitler and the Nazis
HIS3930Irish American History
HIS3930Medieval Warfare
HIS3930Modern Middle East
HIS3930Near Eastern Empires
HIS3930ST: Spanish Paleography II
HIS3930US Women's History
HIS3930World War l
HIS3930World War l on Film
HIS393819th Century Europe
HIS393820th Century Ireland
HIS3938Byzantine Empire
HIS3938Digital Imaging for Historians
HIS3938Digital Investigation
HIS3938Early Modern Europe
HIS3938Gay & Lesbian US History
HIS3938Gender & Sexuality US Hty
HIS3938Global History of Communism
HIS3938Greek Archaeology
HIS3938Greek Civilization
HIS3938History of Radicalism in US
HIS3938History of Sports
HIS3938History of Vietnam
HIS3938Hitler and Stalin
HIS3938Issues: Early Modern Atlantic
HIS3938Issues:History of Human Rights
HIS3938Italy during the Renaissance
HIS3938Major Issues in History:
HIS3938Modern European Intellectual
HIS3938Pirates of the Atlantic
HIS3938Public History
HIS3938Religions of the Ancint
HIS3938Science and Medicine in
HIS3938Shipwrecks, Seafaring
HIS3938ST: Slavery & Emancipation.
HIS3938The Holocaust
HIS3938The Irish in Amercia
HIS3938The Irish in America
HIS3938US Intellectual History
HIS3938World War l
HIS3938World War ll
HIS4092CCurating Digital Collections
HIS4104Theory and Methods of History
HIS4900Direct Reading
HIS4900Directed Reading
HIS4900Directed Reading:Italian
HIS4900Independent Study
HIS4936Age of Jackson
HIS4936Ancient Naval Power
HIS4936Ancient Navies
HIS4936Archaeology of Roman Provinces
HIS4936British & Dutch Empires
HIS4936Crime and Punishment in
HIS4936Early Modern Europe
HIS4936Early Modern Mediterranean
HIS4936Environmental History
HIS4936Epic History
HIS4936European Imperialism
HIS4936Exploring Modern Florida
HIS4936Global Environmental Hty
HIS4936History of the Crusades.
HIS4936Immigration History
HIS4936Late Antiquity
HIS4936Museums and Public History
HIS4936Pro Seminar: Ancient Slavery
HIS4936Pro-Sem: Environmental History
HIS4936Pro-Sem:American Visions: Art,
HIS4936Programming the Past
HIS4936Public History
HIS4936Sex and the City
HIS4936Tampa History as US
HIS4936The Rise of the Global
HIS4936The US and Russia in
HIS4936U.S. Consumer Culture
HIS4936Witches, Oracles, Pagans
HIS4940Internship in History
HIS5116Spanish Paleography II
HIS6908Environmental History
HIS6908Foundations in 3D Scanning
HIS6908Independent Study
HIS6908Independent Study "Internship"
HIS6908Independent Study:
HIS6908Pedagogy & Prof. Development
HIS6914Directed Research
HIS6925Colloq in History
HIS6925Colloq.: The Long Civil Rights
HIS6925Colloq.:American Visions: Art,
HIS6925Colloq.:War & the Environment
HIS6925Colloquium: Conquistadors.
HIS6925Curating Digital Collections
HIS6925Epic History II
HIS6925History of 20th Century
HIS6925History of Mexico
HIS6925The Irish in America
HIS6935Reading Seminar in History
HIS6936Graduate Writing Seminar
HIS693919th Century US History
HIS6939Age of Jackson
HIS6939Ancient Navies
HIS6939Archaeology of Roman Provinces
HIS6939Digital Humanities I
HIS6939Digital Humanities II
HIS6939Digital Public History
HIS6939Early Modern Europe
HIS6939Epic History
HIS6939Europe since 1945
HIS6939European Society and Culture,
HIS6939Global History of Communism
HIS6939History of Gender and
HIS6939M.A. Capstone
HIS6939Material Matters,
HIS6939Popular Culture: Europe
HIS6939Public History
HIS6939Public History, Museums,
HIS6939Renaissance Women
HIS6939Sem: Modern Florida.
HIS6939Seminar: Environmental History
HIS6939Sex and the City
HIS6939Slavery and Freedom in
HIS6939Soc/Cult Early Modern Europe
HIS6939Spanish Atlantic
HIS6939The US and Russia in
HIS6939The US since 1945
HIS6939Topics in Modern Latin America
HIS6939Twentieth Century Europe
HIS6939Witches, Oracles, Pagans
HIS6939World War II in Film
HIS6971Thesis: Master's
HIS7937Interdisciplinary PhD Pro-Sem
HIS7938Ph.D. Capstone Seminar
HIS793919th Century US History
HIS7939Digital Public History
HIS7939European Society and Culture,
HIS7939History of Gender and
HIS7939History of Medicine
HIS7939History of the Crusades.
HIS7939Public History
HIS7939Public History, Museums,
HIS7939The US since 1945
HIS7939Topics in Modern Latin America
HIS7939Witches, Oracles, Pagans
HIS7980Ph.D. Dissertation

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