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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIST106American Jewish Experience
HIST108CMartin Luther King Jr.
HIST110The Ancient World
HIST111The Medieval World
HIST120Islamic Civilization
HIST123Sub-Saharan Africa Since 1800
HIST132Fighting Slavery
HIST133God Wills It! The Crusades in Medieval and Modern Perspectives
HIST134Spies, Assassins, Martyrs, and Witches: Famous Trials in American History
HIST134SSpies, Assassins, Martyrs, and Witches: Famous Trials in American History
HIST135Civil Discourse or Urban Riot: Why Cities Don't (Often) Explode
HIST136Moneyland: Business in American Culture
HIST187God, Land, Power, and the People: Moral Issues in the Jewish Historical Experience
HIST200Interpreting American History: Beginnings to 1877
HIST201Interpreting American History: From 1865 to the Present
HIST204Introduction to the History of Science
HIST208KHistorical Research and Methods Seminar; Can a Movie Be "Accurate"?: American Films as Historical Sources
HIST208LHistorical Research and Methods Seminar; The US Radical Tradition
HIST208MHistorical Research and Methods Seminar; "How to Rule the World" - Political Theory and Governance in the Ancient World
HIST213History of Sexuality in America
HIST219ESpecial Topics in History; Visual Cultures of Islam
HIST219JModern India: From the British Raj to the World's Largest Democracy
HIST221Asian American History
HIST225Modern Military History, 1815-Present
HIST234Invaders, Conquerors, Usurpers: A History of Pre-Modern Britain to 1485
HIST236From Peacocks to Punks: Modern Britain from 1688 to Today
HIST237Russian Civilization
HIST250Colonial Latin America
HIST254African-American History to 1865
HIST266The United States in World Affairs
HIST289OLawlessness: From Pirates to Body-snatchers, Exploring the Legitimacy of Illicit Activity
HIST299Directed Research
HIST304The Baddest Decade: The 1970s in American Film and American History
HIST310History of South Africa
HIST319LSpecial Topics in History; Islam: Learning, Piety, and Practice
HIST319RSpecial Topics in History; Genghis Khan and the Mongols: Destroyers of Worlds and Patrons of Culture
HIST324Classical Greece
HIST328ASelected Topics in History; Forging the Tortilla Curtain: US-Mexican Borderlands
HIST328LSelected Topics in History; Empires, Revolutions, and Cold Wars: Modern Central and Eastern Europe
HIST328OSelected Topics in History; Inventing the New World
HIST329CSpecial Topics in History; History of Black Women at the University of Maryland
HIST329ESpecial Topics in History; Black Women in United States History
HIST329FSpecial Topics in History; Religious & Political Transformations in Modern Jewish History
HIST331Europe in the High Middle Ages: 1000-1500
HIST339FSpecial Topics in History; What Does Government Do? Politics, Policy, and Opportunity in the Modern United States
HIST339LSpecial Topics in History; Minorities, Minoritization, and Sectarianism in the Modern Middle East
HIST339NSpecial Topics in History; Sex and Gender in 20th Century American Politics and Policy
HIST339OSpecial Topics in History; Elizabeth I of England and Mary Queen of Scots: Between Propaganda and Myth
HIST355Civil War and the Rise of Industrialization, 1860-1900
HIST357Recent America: 1945-Present
HIST376History of Modern Israel
HIST386Experiential Learning
HIST395Honors Colloquium I
HIST398Honors Thesis I
HIST399Honors Thesis II
HIST408FSenior Seminar; State Secrets: Writing the History of the Central Intelligence Agnecy
HIST408ISenior Seminar; Literature and Jewish Life in Eastern Europe
HIST408KSenior Seminar; Antisemitism: Classic, Modern, and New
HIST408OSenior Seminar; Wet History: The Chesapeake Bay and its Watershed
HIST408TSenior Seminar; Writing Lives: History and Biography
HIST408VSenior Seminar; Illegality, Rights, and Resistance in US Immigration History
HIST412History of Women and Gender in Africa
HIST419KSpecial Topics in History; Radioactive Culture
HIST419MSpecial Topics in History; Nazi Germany
HIST419QBefore the Holocaust: The Golden Age of Eastern European Jewry
HIST419RSpecial Topics in History; Social History of Medicine: Health and the Body in Modern US History
HIST419XSpecial Topics in History; Corporations on Trial: Histories of Law, Capitalism, and Human Rights
HIST428GSelected Topics in History; Islamic Reformism
HIST428JSelected Topics in History; Global Revolutions in the Modern Era
HIST428OSelected Topics in History; The English Civil Wars, 1603-1662
HIST428PSelected Topics in History; Trashed! Garbage and Recycling in History
HIST428WSelected Topics in History; Global Mobility in the Age of Sail: Studies in Sexuality, Gender, Race, & Colonialism
HIST429ASpecial Topics in History; Victoria's Secrets: Sex and Class in Nineteenth Century Britain
HIST429NSpecial Topics in History; The Aztecs: Human Sacrifice and Conquest
HIST429OSpecial Topics in History; Righting Historical Wrongs: Global Struggles for Truth and Justice
HIST429WSpecial Topics in History; Ukraine and Russia: Entangled and Mirrored Histories
HIST429ZSpecial Topics in History; American Money: Rethinking Finance and its History
HIST451American Capitalism: 1900 to Present
HIST452Diplomatic History of the United States to 1914
HIST454Constitutional History of the United States: From Colonial Origins to 1865
HIST466Immigration and Ethnicity in the U.S.
HIST482History of Japan to 1800
HIST499Independent Study
HIST601History and Contemporary Theory
HIST607The Teaching of History in Institutions of Higher Learning
HIST608AGeneral Seminar; American History
HIST610Introduction to Museum Scholarship
HIST619ASpecial Topics in History; Independent Study
HIST619BSpecial Topics in History; Independent Study
HIST619KSpecial Topics in History; Radioactive Culture
HIST619OSpecial Topics in History; Righting Historical Wrongs: Global Struggles fro Truth and Justice
HIST619VSpecial Topics in History; The Rise and Fall of the Old South
HIST638JSpecial Topics in History; Global Revolutions in the Modern Era
HIST638PSpecial Topics in History; Trashed! Garbage and Recycling in History
HIST639CSpecial Topics in History; Capitalism and Black America in the 20th Century
HIST708Directed Independent Reading for Comprehensive Examinations I
HIST709Directed Independent Reading for Comprehensive Examinations II
HIST779CReadings in Middle Eastern History; Islamic Reformism
HIST799Master's Thesis Research
HIST811Museum Scholarship Practicum
HIST819ASpecial Topics in History: Independent Research
HIST819BSpecial Topics in History: Independent Research
HIST898Pre-Candidacy Research
HIST899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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