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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIST101W Civilization:Antiquity-1600
HIST102W Civilization:1600-Present
HIST104Latin America:Past & Present
HIST152Growth-American Nation to 1865
HIST153Making Modern Amrca:1865-Prsnt
HIST179World History to 1500
HIST180World History Since 1500
HIST191First-Year Seminar
HIST200Practicing History
HIST201History of Ancient Times
HIST203Introduction - Medieval Europe
HIST205Absolutism & Enlightenment
HIST209Twentieth Century Europe
HIST210Modern Military History
HIST221History of Modern Germany
HIST250West Virginia
HIST256History-American Revolution
HIST261Recent America:U.S. since 1918
HIST264American Indian History
HIST27620th Cnt American Forgn Reltns
HIST331History of Italy since 1800
HIST360America in the 1960s
HIST375Hollywood and History
HIST409Field Methds/Hist Preservation
HIST417World War II in Europe
HIST420USSR and After: 1953-Present
HIST421Hitler & The Third Reich
HIST428East Africa since 1895
HIST430Living & Dying/Medieval Europe
HIST439History of Modern Mexico
HIST453Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST464American Frgn Rltns 1941-Prsnt
HIST478American Immigration History
HIST479Readings in History
HIST484Historical Research-Capstone
HIST491Professional Field Experience
HIST493CSPTP: Exhibition Development
HIST495Independent Study
HIST609Field Methds/Hist Preservation
HIST613Local Hist Research Methdology
HIST614Internship in Public History
HIST620Pract-Cultural Resource Mang
HIST693ASPTP: Cultural Landscapes
HIST693BSPTP: Exhibition Development
HIST693CSPTP: Digital History
HIST702Seminar in Medieval History
HIST706Seminar:Early Modern History
HIST757Readings-U.S. Histry:1787-1850
HIST764Seminar-U.S. Hist:1898-Present
HIST765Readings in US Diplomatic Hist
HIST774Sem-Appalachian Regional Hist
HIST789Teaching History Online
HIST790Teaching Practicum
HIST792BDir St: Readings Gender Hist
HIST793BSPTP: Readings Public History
HIST794ASem: British Imperial History
HIST795Independent Study
HIST799Graduate Colloquium

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