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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HLSA300Introduction to Health Policy and Services
HLSA465Redesigning Mental Health Services
HLSA484Redesigning Health Care: Developing a Clinic to Meet Community Needs
HLSA601Introduction to Health Systems
HLSA611Introduction to Health Equity
HLSA688Independent Study
HLSA702Policy and Politics of Health
HLSA709Graduate Seminar
HLSA711Health Economics and Analysis
HLSA720Health Law and Ethics
HLSA724Developing and Implementing Health Policy in Maryland
HLSA725Econometrics in Public Health
HLSA727Causal Inference in Health Services Research
HLSA742Quantitative Methods in Healthcare Administration
HLSA745Public Health Practice and Management
HLSA750Healthcare Management Information Systems
HLSA765Dissertation Proposal Development Seminar
HLSA770Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare
HLSA772Healthcare Leadership and Communications
HLSA778Internship in Public Health
HLSA780Qualitative Methods for Health Services Research
HLSA786Capstone Project in Public Health
HLSA790Advanced Methods in Health Services Research
HLSA799Master's Thesis Research
HLSA898Pre-Candidacy Research
HLSA899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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