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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HNUH100Gateway Seminar
HNUH218APursuits of Happiness: Ordinary Lives in the American Revolution
HNUH218XUprising, Riot, Revolt: Violence in Story and Theory
HNUH218YThe Science, Economics, and Governance of Climate Change: The Need For An Energy Revolution
HNUH219PTransform Maryland: Theories into Practice
HNUH219TTransform Maryland: Theories and Models of Consulting
HNUH228APeace in our time? Conflict and Conflict Resolution in International Politics
HNUH228YInterrogating Issues of Piracy/Pirates amidst the Shadowy Landscapes of War & Peace
HNUH229PClimate in Crisis: Strategy and Advocacy
HNUH229TClimate in Crisis: Politics and Ethics
HNUH238ADeliberative Democracy
HNUH238YInformation Weaponization: Thinking Critically in a Changing World
HNUH238ZLearning as Deliberation: The Struggle for the Future of Public Education
HNUH248AIdentity, Places, & Spaces
HNUH248XMy Hometown, Our Wilderness: Ecology of Identity
HNUH248YHow Do You "Man Up?": Men, Masculinity, and Mental Health
HNUH258AHarvesting Big Data to Examine Agriculture and Climate Change
HNUH258XCarnal Knowledge: Health, Data, and Power from Enlightenment to WebMD
HNUH268AArbitrating our Bodily Rights: Consent to Sex, Medical Treatment, Body Art, Organ Donation, and Research Participation
HNUH268XSex for Sale: Prostitution in Transnational Perspective
HNUH268YThe Politics of Disability: Life Narratives & Identity
HNUH268ZBody Boundaries: The science behind asexuality, coloniality, and immortality
HNUH278XA Way with Words: Order and Knowledge in Enlightenment Europe
HNUH278ZWar of Words: Disinformation and Manipulation
HNUH288AWelcome to the Party: Race, Nightlife, and Identity in America
HNUH288XThe Human Interface, from Anatomy to Avatar
HNUH288ZNon-Human Animals in Human Society
HNUH318TPolitical Engagement and Advocacy
HNUH328TPublic Health Policy
HNUH338THomeland and National Security Policy
HNUH348TEnergy and Environmental Policy
HNUH358TCritical Regions and International Relations
HNUH368TU.S. Diplomacy and Policymaking
HNUH378TScience Diplomacy: Foreign Policy & Science, Technology, and Innovation
HNUH388TResponses to Global Challenges
HNUH398PFederal and Global Experiential Learning
HNUH398TWater Security and Global Health Challenges

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