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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HONR208PHonors Seminar; Tolkien: Mythmaker
HONR209GHonors Seminar; Elements of Drawing for Non-Majors
HONR218BHonors Seminar; Making a Difference: The Lives and Words of Leaders Who Shape Our Time
HONR218LHonors Seminar: Language and Mind
HONR218MHonors Seminar; Elements of Music Composition for Non-Majors
HONR218THonors Seminar; Political Theater: On Stage and in Washington
HONR218VDisability Culture and Life Narratives
HONR229QHonors Seminar; Making Decisions in an Uncertain World
HONR238CThe Future of Energy and Climate Policy
HONR238RHonors Seminar: Terrorism
HONR248JHonors Seminar; A Most Human Nation
HONR248VHonors Seminar; Music and Poetry: Sound and Sense
HONR249DHonors Seminar; How Can We Study Environmental Problems?
HONR258EHonors Seminar; Creating the Future through Systemic Thinking and Design
HONR258OHonors Seminar; The Kinesiological Bases of Skilled Performance
HONR259CHonors Seminar: Fearfully Great Lizards: Topics in Dinosaur Research
HONR259GHonors Seminar; Fairness, Inequality, and Democracy
HONR268NHonors Seminar; Cracking the Secrets of the Universe Using Computers: Re-discovering the Higgs and Searching for Invisible Matter
HONR269EHonors Seminar; Exploring Key Issues of Globalization
HONR269THonors Seminar: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan
HONR269VHonors Seminar; Virus Hunting: Emerging Diseases, Social Conteoversies and Nano-Technologies
HONR278DHonors Seminar; National Security Dilemmas
HONR278GHonors Seminar; Exploring How Foreign Policy Is Developed
HONR278ZHonors Seminar; The Philosophy and Practice of Yoga
HONR279MHow Does the Brain Speak? Insight from Neuroimaging and Brain Damage
HONR288OHonors Seminar: Why Do Things Fail?
HONR289AThe Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Infectious Disease
HONR299AThe Visual Culture of Europe in the "Age of Exploration"
HONR299FHonors Seminar; Financial Crises: The Foundation of Global Tension
HONR299GHonors Seminar; Revolution, Regret, and Reform: The People and Principles of the American Political Tradition
HONR299HHonors Seminar; Cutting Edge Science: Understanding Current Scientific Issues
HONR348JAdvanced Honors Seminar; Contemporary Social Issues
HONR368AAdvanced Honors Seminar; MGA Legislative Seminar
HONR378AAdvanced Honors Seminar; U.S. Diplomacy and Policymaking
HONR378BAdvanced Honors Seminar; Responses to Global Challenges
HONR378CPolitical Engagement and Advocacy
HONR378DAdvanced Honors Seminar; Science Diplomacy: Foreign Policy and Science, Technology, and Innovation
HONR378EAdvanced Honors Seminar; Public Health Policy
HONR378GAdvanced Honors Seminar; Homeland and National Security Policy
HONR378JAdvanced Honors Seminar; Energy and Environmental Policy
HONR378KAdvanced Honors Seminar; Critical Regions and International Relations
HONR378MWater Security and Global Health Challenges

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