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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HONR208DHonors Seminar; Insect Biodiversity: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird
HONR208LHonors Seminar; Justice Matters: Law, Literature, and Film
HONR208PHonors Seminar; Tolkien:Mythmaker
HONR209GHonors Seminar; Elements of Drawing for Non-Majors
HONR209WHonors Seminar; War Stories: Personal Narratives, Fiction, and Film
HONR218A'Furies from Hell' to 'Femi-Nazis': A History of Modern Anti-Feminism
HONR218E'Naturally Chic': Fashion, Gender, & Nationalism in French History
HONR218FKeeping It Real: Art & the Representation of Reality
HONR218GWhy and How We Read
HONR218IIt Happened To Me - Truth, Lies, & Discovery in Memoir
HONR218JHonors Seminar; Sustainability and Development: From the Individual to the Global
HONR218MHonors Seminar; Elements of Music Composition for Non-Majors
HONR218NSuffering and Its Resistance
HONR218OWild and Wasted: Nature in Film and TV
HONR218PHonors Seminar; Immigration: Personal Stories and Policy Changes
HONR218THonors Seminar; Political Theater: On Stage and in Washington
HONR218WThe Idea of Crime
HONR219DOn Beyond Dinosaurs: Patterns and Enigmas in Vertebrate Evolution
HONR219MHonors Seminar; Why Do We Do What We Do? The Role of Motivation in People's Achievements and Choices
HONR219THonors Seminar: Surviving Natural Disasters: Learning from Hurricane Katrina, Big Earthquakes, and Other Natural Hazards
HONR219WHonors Seminar; Africa and the Global Criminal Economy
HONR228THonors Seminar; Journalism and Peace
HONR229KHonors Seminar; Achieving Justice and Equality in the 21st Century: Problems, Policies and Practices
HONR229RHonors Seminar; Short Texts, Great Ideas: The Essay Form
HONR229WHonors Seminar; Revenge of the Funny Women
HONR238CThe Future of Energy and Climate Policy
HONR238GHonors Seminar; The Manhattan Project: A Century of Radioactivity, Nuclear Weapons, and Nuclear Power
HONR238RHonors Seminar: Terrorism
HONR239AHonors Seminar; Constructing and De-Constructing the Colonial Chesapeake
HONR239CHonors Seminar: The Creative Process in Dance
HONR239JHonors Seminar; "Enemy of the People": When Journalism Investigates the Powerful
HONR239QHonors Seminar; Visual and Verbal Representation in Art: Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy, and Painting
HONR239VHonors Seminar; Visual Storytelling
HONR239ZHonors Seminar; Applying Reason to Passion: The Philosophy of Sex
HONR248JHonors Seminar; A Most Human Nation
HONR248VMusic and Poetry: Sound and Sense
HONR249GHonors Seminar; How Do You "Man Up?": Men, Masculinity, and Mental Health
HONR258AHonors Seminar; Renewing the Body: The Science Behind Regeneration and Immortality
HONR258B"Watch Out! Calm Down." The Goals of Risk Communication
HONR258DStage, Screen, Life: a Cultural History of Drag
HONR258EHonors Seminar; Creating the Future through Systemic Thinking and Design
HONR258PHonors Seminar; The Mathematics of Democracy
HONR259JDreams and Journey: Literature, Pluralism, and Democracy in America
HONR268GThe Science of Birdwatching
HONR268LHonors Seminar: United States Immigration Issues
HONR268ZHonors Seminar; Catastrophic Animal and Human Disease Outbreaks: What Else Can We Do To Prevent Them?
HONR269GHonors Seminar; Hungry, Hot and Crowded: Global Challenges in the 21st Century
HONR269LHonors Seminar; Cracking the Secrets of the Universe Using Computers: Re-discovering the Higgs & Searching for Invisible Matter-Part II
HONR269THonors Seminar: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan
HONR269UHonors Seminar; Hidden Figures: Race, Science, and Black Narrative
HONR278DHonors Seminar; National Security Dilemmas
HONR278GHonors Seminar; Exploring How Foreign Policy is Developed
HONR279NHonors Seminar; Disease, Disaster, and Development
HONR279YHonors Seminar; Language and Thought: Insights from Brain Damage, Neuroimaging and Bilingualism
HONR288AHonors Seminar; Power, Representation, and Public Policy
HONR288OHonors Seminar: Why Do Things Fail?
HONR289PHonors Seminar; How Do Innovators Think?
HONR298JHonors Seminar; A Century of Smashing Atoms: Particle Accelerators, the Engines of Discovery
HONR299GRevolution, Regret, and Reform: The People and Principles of the American Political Tradition
HONR299KHonors Seminar; Global Governance or World Government?
HONR348JContemporary Social Issuses
HONR348MAdvanced Honors Seminar; Stock Market
HONR378PAdvanced Honors Seminar; Elements of Music Composition for Non-Majors II
HONR379WHonors Independent Study; Writing Internship: Maryland General Assembly Pre-Professional Writing Internship

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