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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HONR208DHonors Seminar; Insect Biodiversity: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird
HONR208IWhy Good Managers Make Bad Decisions
HONR209GHonors Seminar; Elements of Drawing for Non-Majors
HONR218THonors Seminar; Political Theater: On Stage and in Washington
HONR229RHonors Seminar; Short Texts, Great Ideas: The Essay Form
HONR238RHonors Seminar: Terrorism
HONR239BHonors Seminar: New York City and the American Dream
HONR239CHonors Seminar: The Creative Process in Dance
HONR239GHonors Seminar; We, the Readers: American Literature fro an American Democracy
HONR239KHonors Seminar; The Multicultural Metropolis
HONR239QHonors Seminar; Visual and Verbal Representation in Art: Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy, and Painting
HONR239VHonors Seminar; Visual Storytelling
HONR248GHonors Seminar; The Origins and Ramifications of Sex and Sexes
HONR248JHonors Seminar; A Most Human Nation
HONR258AHonors Seminar; Renewing the Body: The Science Behind Regeneration and Immortality
HONR268GThe Science of Birdwatching
HONR268LHonors Seminar: United States Immigration Issues
HONR268ZHonors Seminar; Catastrophic Animal and Human Disease Outbreaks: What Else Can We Do To Prevent Them?
HONR269LHonors Seminar; Cracking Secrets of the Universe Using Computers: Re-dis covering the Higgs & Searching for Invisible Matter-Part II
HONR269THonors Seminar: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan
HONR278DHonors Seminar; National Security Dilemmas
HONR278GHonors Seminar; Exploring How Foreign Policy is Developed
HONR278PHonors Seminar; Crime and Public Policy
HONR278UHonors Seminar; From Oakland to Wakanda: Reimagining American Public Education With Emphasis on STEM Education
HONR279KHonors Seminar; Magic, Science, and Religion
HONR279THonors Seminar; Google & Sudoku, Museums & Maps: Graph Theory for the Real World
HONR288OHonors Seminar: Why Do Things Fail?
HONR298ACollege Park Scholars: Business, Society & the Economy Education Abroad Practicum
HONR298JHonors Seminar; A Century of Smashing Atoms: Particle Accelerators, the Engines of Discovery
HONR299VHonors Seminar; Climate Change, Globalization and Infectious Diseases
HONR299YMonsters and Racism: Contemporary Black Horror and Speculative Fiction
HONR299ZContemporary Voices of Africa and the Caribbean in Film and Text
HONR348JAdvanced Honors Seminar; Contemporary Social Issues
HONR378PAdvanced Honors Seminar; Elements of Music Composition for Non-Majors II
HONR379WMaryland General Assembly Writing Internship

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