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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HONR101Honors Hall Council
HONR191First-Year Seminar
HONR199Orientation to Honors
HONR202AThe Biology of Aging
HONR204APeople vs. the Planet
HONR204BTrauma, Resilience & Children
HONR205AMysteries and Diagnoses
HONR206ACreative Thinking
HONR206BNon-fiction Storytelling
HONR207AGlobal Consulting
HONR245Service in Tutoring
HONR293FSPTP:Future of Land Grant Univ
HONR293GSPTP: Natural Navigation
HONR293HSPTP: Exploring Star Wars
HONR293ISPTP: Future Campus Read
HONR293MSPTP: Race & Antiracism?
HONR293OSPTP: DISASTER! Man-made Chaos
HONR293RSPTP: Race at the Intersection
HONR293TSPTP: Celebrity Culture
HONR293VSPTP:Business and Human Rights
HONR298OHNRS:Honors Orientation Add-On
HONR301Advanced Peer Tutoring
HONR401Peer Leadership Practicum
HONR412The Salem Witch Trials
HONR450EXCEL: Project Development
HONR451EXCEL: Summative Experience
HONR490Teaching Practicum
HONR491Professional Field Experience
HONR495Independent Study
HONR496Senior Thesis

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