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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

IDH2009Honors Discovery
IDH2010Acquisition Of Knowledge
IDH2930Backstage Pass to Health Prof
IDH2930Germany Trip Ind. Study
IDH2930Honors Chorus
IDH2930Honors Digital Music Lab
IDH2930Honors Orchestra
IDH3100Arts/Humanities Honors
IDH3350Natural Sciences Honors
IDH3400Soc/Behavioral Sciences Honors
IDH3600Seminar in Ethics
IDH4000Honors Sem: Major Works/Issues
IDH4200Cultural Pathways: Exeter
IDH4200Geographic Perspectives Honors
IDH4910Undergraduate Research
IDH4930Honors Seminar in Pharmacy
IDH4930Seminars in Pharmacy
IDH4930Special Topics in Honors
IDH4930ST: Chinese History, Culture,
IDH4950Honors Capstone
IDH4970Honors Thesis

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