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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

IDS1505Intro Research in BC Sciences
IDS2192Global His and Pol Since 1945
IDS2378Interdis Knowledge & Learning
IDS2600Research in Community Settings
IDS2912Undergrad Research Exp
IDS2931Intro to Health Professions
IDS3662Arts Connections
IDS3947Cooperative Internship
IDS3947Experiential Internship
IDS3947Peace Corps Prep Internship
IDS3949Co-Op Education, Parallel
IDS4171Multimodal Composing
IDS4377Community-Based Arts Practice
IDS4910Community Research
IDS4914Adv Undergrad Research Exp
IDS4914ENG Honors Connected Course
IDS4930Dev Health Professions Portfol
IDS4930MCAT Preparation for Biology
IDS4930Selected Topics
IDS4930Student Consulting
IDS4934Senior Capstone for BSAS/BGS
IDS4942Community Internship
IDS4942Field Work
IDS4949Co-Op Education, Alternating
IDS5921Teaching Assistant Training
IDS5922Preparing for College Teaching
IDS6208Renewable Power
IDS6233Concepts of Sustainability
IDS6234Systems Thinking
IDS6235Econ & Fin for Sustainability
IDS6237Ecotourism Sus Tourism Mgmt
IDS6247Water Resources Planning
IDS6270Sustainable Food Production
IDS6272Research Methods for Sust
IDS6275Policy for Sustainability
IDS6908Independent Study
IDS6935Capstone Research Project
IDS6938Climate Change Adapt./Mitigat.
IDS6938Energy and Resources
IDS6938Six Sigma Principles for Sust.
IDS6938Waste Not, Want Not...
IDS6940Cooperative Internship
IDS6946Sustainability Internship
IDS6948Gallery & Museum Internship

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