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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

IENG200Fundamentals-Industrial Engr
IENG213Engineering Statistics
IENG220Re-Engineering Managmnt Systms
IENG301Materials and Costing
IENG302Manufacturing Processes
IENG303Manufacturing Processes Lab
IENG314Adv Analysis-Engineering Data
IENG316Industrial Quality Control
IENG331Computr Applicatns-Indust Engr
IENG343Production Planning/Control
IENG350Intro to Operations Research
IENG360Human Factors Engineering
IENG377Engineering Economy
IENG393ASPTP: Materials/Costing - 1 cr
IENG393BSPTP:Sys Engr - Software LM
IENG445Project Management for Engr.
IENG446Plant Layout/Material Handling
IENG455Simulation by Digital Methods
IENG472Design of Productive Systems 2
IENG473Team Facilitation
IENG474Technology Entrepreneurship
IENG493DSPTP: Data Analysis for IE
IENG493ESPTP:New Product & Service Dev
IENG495Independent Study
IENG542Advanced Production Control
IENG553Applied Linear Programing
IENG593BSPTP: Data Analysis for IE
IENG796Graduate Seminar

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