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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

INR1015World Perspective
INR2002Intro to Int'l Relations
INR3018World Ideologies
INR3033Int'l Political Cultures
INR3038International Wealth/Power
INR3081International Issues/Actors
INR3084International Terrorism
INR3102American Foreign Policy
INR3141Global Security Policy
INR3202International Human Rights
INR4035Int'l Political Economy
INR4083Conflict in the World
INR4254Africa in World Affairs
INR4403International Law
INR4502International Organizations
INR4900Directed Readings
INR4910Directed Research
INR4931Energy and Global Politics
INR4931Inter American Relations
INR4931Intl Relations in East Asia
INR4931Religion and Human Rights
INR4931Russia Through Film
INR4931SelTop Migration & Human Traff
INR4931ST: Intelligence Operations:
INR4931The Arab-Israeli Peace Process
INR4931The United Nations and Peace
INR4931USA-China Relations
INR4931Women and the Middle East
INR4936Senior Seminar
INR4943Internship in Int'l Studies
INR5086U.S. Lat/Am Relations
INR5086U.S.-Lat/Am Relations
INR6007Seminar in Internat Relations
INR6036Sem in Internat Polit Econ
INR6690Research Seminar Globalization

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