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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

INST101Bits and Bytes of Computer and Information Sciences
INST123Databases for All
INST126Introduction to Programming for Information Science
INST152"Fake Checking": Battling Misinformation and Disinformation in the Real World
INST154Apollo at 50
INST155Social Networking
INST201Introduction to Information Science
INST208CSpecial Topics in Information Studies; The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Hired
INST208LSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Linux Command Line Tools
INST228Academic Peer Mentor Experience in Information Science
INST301Introduction to Information Science
INST309Independent Study in Information Science
INST311Information Organization
INST314Statistics for Information Science
INST326Object-Oriented Programming for Information Science
INST327Database Design and Modeling
INST335Organizations, Management and Teamwork
INST341Introduction to Digital Curation
INST346Technologies, Infrastructure and Architecture
INST352Information User Needs and Assessment
INST354Decision-Making for Information Science
INST362User-Centered Design
INST364Human-Centered Cybersecurity
INST366Privacy, Security and Ethics for Big Data
INST377Dynamic Web Applications
INST403Computational Journalism
INST408ASpecial Topics in Information Science; Consumer Health Informatics
INST408CSpecial Topics in Information Science; Cognitive Security
INST408ISpecial Topics in Information Science; Introduction to Cyber Intelligence
INST408KSpecial Topics in Information Science; Games As Emergent Experiences
INST408LSpecial Topics in Information Science; Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
INST408OSpecial Topics in Information Science; Project Management for Information Science
INST408TSpecial Topics in Information Science; Fundamentals of Technology Innovation
INST408USpecial Topics in Information Science; Information Assurance and Compliance
INST408VSpecial Topics in Information Science; Visual Design Studio
INST408ZSpecial Topics in Information Science; Emerging Technologies and Risk Management
INST414Data Science Techniques
INST441Information Ethics and Policy
INST442Digital Curation Across Disciplines
INST447Data Sources and Manipulation
INST448Digital Curation Research in Cultural Big Data Collections
INST462Introduction to Data Visualization
INST464Decision Making for Cybersecurity
INST466Technology, Culture, and Society
INST490Integrated Capstone for Information Science
INST604Introduction to Archives and Digital Curation
INST607Government Information
INST608BSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Master of Library and Information Science
INST608ISpecial Topics in Information Studies
INST608KSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Games As Emergent Experiences
INST608QSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Consumer Health Informatics
INST610Information Ethics
INST611Privacy and Security in a Networked World
INST613Information and Human Rights
INST615Information Professionals and the Law
INST620Diverse Populations, Inclusion, and Information
INST627Data Analytics for Information Professionals
INST630Introduction to Programming for the Information Professional
INST631Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction
INST643Curation in Cultural Institutions
INST650Facilitating Youth Learning in Formal and Informal Environments
INST651Promoting Rich Learning with Technology
INST661Introduction to Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics
INST682Personal Health Informatics & Visualization
INST704Inclusive Design in HCI
INST709Independent Study
INST710User Experience Research Methods
INST711Interaction Design Studio
INST728ISpecial Topics in Information Studies; Museum Scholarship Practicum
INST728TSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Introduction to Museum Scholarship
INST737Introduction to Data Science
INST752Location Intelligence
INST753Data Governance and Data Quality
INST754Data Integration and Preparation for Analytics
INST756Information Risk Management
INST760Data Visualization
INST782Arrangement, Description, and Access for Archives
INST784Digital Preservation
INST799Master's Thesis Research
INST800The Engaged Intellectual: An Introduction to Research and Academic Work
INST808Seminar in Research Methods and Data Analysis
INST810Individual Research Experience
INST818Individual Research Experience
INST878ASpecial Topics in Information Studies; Information Ethics
INST878BSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Information and Human Rights
INST878CSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Diverse Populations, Inclusion, and Information
INST878ESpecial Topics in Information Studies; Achieving Organizational Excellence
INST878MSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Privacy and Security in a Networked World
INST878NSpecial Topics in Information Studies; Pedagogy and Curriculum Development
INST888Doctoral Seminar
INST898Pre-Candidacy Research
INST899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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