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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

INST126Introduction to Programming for Information Science
INST201Introduction to Information Science
INST309Independent Study in Information Science
INST311Information Organization
INST314Statistics for Information Science
INST327Database Design and Modeling
INST352Information User Needs and Assessment
INST462Introduction to Data Visualization
INST466Technology, Culture, and Society
INST620Diverse Populations, Inclusion, and Information
INST633Analyzing Social Networks and Social Media
INST650Facilitating Youth Learning in Formal and Informal Environments
INST709Independent Study
INST717Internship Practicum in Human-Computer Interactions
INST728ASpecial Topics in Information Studies; Data Integration and Preperation for Analytics
INST728JSpecial Topics in Information Studies; CSS/HTML Basics
INST799Master's Thesis Research
INST810Individual Research Experience
INST898Pre-Candidacy Research
INST899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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