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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ISM3011Info Systems in Organizations
ISM3113Systems Analysis and Design
ISM3115Business Informatics
ISM3232Business Application Dvlpmnt
ISM4041Global Cyber Ethics
ISM4212Database Design/Administration
ISM4220Business Data Communications
ISM4300Managing Information Resources
ISM4314Project Management
ISM4323Info Security/IT Risk Mgmt
ISM4432Software Testing
ISM4547Excel/Data Model Busn Analytic
ISM4905Independent Study
ISM4930Competing on Analytics
ISM4930Data Analytics with R
ISM4930Problem Solving for Defense
ISM4930Selected Topics in MIS:
ISM4930ST: Advanced Ethical Hacking
ISM4930ST: Operations Mgmt
ISM4930ST: Predictive Analytics
ISM4930Winning with Analytics
ISM4940Bus Analytics/IS Internship
ISM4950Independent Research
ISM4970Info Systems Honors Thesis
ISM6021Managemnt Information Systems
ISM6124Adv Systems Analysis/Design
ISM6136Data Mining
ISM6137Statistical Data Mining
ISM6145Seminar on Software Testing
ISM6155Enterprise Info Sys Management
ISM6208Data Warehousing
ISM6217Database Administration
ISM6218Advanced Database Management
ISM6225Distributed Information System
ISM6251Data Science Programming
ISM6316Project Management
ISM6328Info Sec & Risk Mgmt
ISM6419Data Visualization
ISM6436Operation & Supply Chain Proc.
ISM6562Big Data for Business
ISM6577Decision Process BCDR
ISM6905Independent Study
ISM6930Ind St: Pred. Analytics
ISM6930Naviga. Soc. Complex. for Mgrs
ISM6930Problem Solving for Defense
ISM6930Selected Topics in MIS:
ISM6930ST: Data Analytics with R
ISM6930ST:Fund of Data Mngmt&Analysis
ISM6930Stats Prog for Bus Analytics
ISM6930Text Analytics
ISM7905Independent Study
ISM7911MIS Research Seminar II
ISM7930Informing Science
ISM7931Directed Research

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