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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ISM3011Info Systems in Organizations
ISM3113Systems Analysis and Design
ISM3232Business Application Dvlpmnt
ISM4041Global Cyber Ethics
ISM4212Database Design/Administration
ISM4220Business Data Communications
ISM4300Managing Information Resources
ISM4314Project Management
ISM4323Info Security/IT Risk Mgmt
ISM4432Software Testing
ISM4547Excel/Data Model Busn Analytic
ISM4905Independent Study
ISM4930Competing on Analytics
ISM4930Data Analytics with R
ISM4930Data Warehousing
ISM4930Python Data Analytics
ISM4930ST: Advanced Ethical Hacking
ISM4930Winning with Analytics
ISM4940Bus Analytics/IS Internship
ISM4950Independent Research
ISM4970Info Systems Honors Thesis
ISM6021Mgmt Information Systems
ISM6124Adv Systems Analysis/Design
ISM6136Data Mining
ISM6137Statistical Data Mining
ISM6145Seminar on Software Testing
ISM6155Enterprise Info Sys Management
ISM6208Data Warehousing
ISM6217Database Administration
ISM6218Advanced Database Management
ISM6225Distributed Information System
ISM6316Project Management
ISM6328Info Sec & Risk Mgmt
ISM6419Data Visualization
ISM6436Operation & Supply Chain Proc.
ISM6577Decision Process BCDR
ISM6905Independent Study
ISM6930Data Analytics for Business
ISM6930Fundamentals of Fin Tech
ISM6930Ind St: Pred. Analytics
ISM6930ST: Data Analytics with R
ISM6930Stats Prog for Bus Analytics
ISM6930Text Analytics
ISM6940Practicum: Info. Assurance
ISM6945BAIS Internship
ISM7905Independent Study
ISM7912Sem on Behavioral IS Research
ISM7930Informing Science
ISM7930IS Research at Disc Interfaces
ISM7931Directed Research

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