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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

JRL101Media & Society
JRL191First-Year Seminar
JRL215Media Writing
JRL220Introduction - Photojournalism
JRL225Media Tools & Applications
JRL237Adobe Video Editing
JRL238Broadcasting Voice Performance
JRL240Immersive Storytelling: AR/VR
JRL262Coding for Media Applications
JRL318Beat Reporting
JRL319Editing and Curation
JRL320Advanced Photojournalism
JRL321Media Design
JRL322Gaming Design/Digital Narrativ
JRL328Media Law and Ethics
JRL330SAM Writing
JRL335Video and Audio News Writing
JRL361Media Relations In Sport
JRL386Beginning Video Reporting
JRL412Sport Journalism
JRL424Travel Writing & Photography
JRL431Multimedia Storytelling
JRL432Social Media Strategy
JRL433Social Media Applications
JRL434Social Media Campaigns
JRL435Live Sports Video Production
JRL440Visual Storytelling for Media
JRL448Digital Pub: Social Video
JRL450Writing for Health Promotion
JRL452Applied Health Promotion
JRL454Health Promotion Campaigns
JRL459Multimedia News Publication
JRL485Reed College MDS Capstone
JRL487Adv Video Reporting/Producing
JRL488Video Editing
JRL490Teaching Practicum
JRL491Professional Field Experience
JRL493DSPTP: Podcasting
JRL493FSPTP: Public Affairs
JRL495Independent Study
JRL496Senior Thesis
JRL520Adv Journalistic Writing/Rsrch
JRL528Media Ethics and Law
JRL540Visual Storytelling
JRL559Multimedia News Publication
JRL587Adv Video Reporting/Producing
JRL620Advanced JRL Writing/Research
JRL689Ethics-Mass Communication
JRL690Teaching Practicum
JRL695Independent Study
JRL699Graduate Colloquium

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