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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

JWST141American Jewish Experience
JWST187God, Land, Power, and the People: Moral Issues in the Jewish Historical Experience
JWST219GZionism and Sexual Revolution
JWST262Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
JWST281Yiddish I
JWST289ANew Explorations in Jewish Studies; Can Jews be Arabs? Identity and Crisis for the Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times
JWST289ECivil Discourse or Urban Riot: Why Cities Don't (Often) Explode
JWST289JJerusalem in Antiquity: The History of Sacred Space in a Holy City
JWST319NThe Israeli Settler Movement: The Road to One State?
JWST325Jews and Judaism in Antiquity I: Sixth Century BCE through the First Century CE
JWST344Modern Jewish History II: World Jewry Since 1870
JWST347Tradition and Change: Jewish Religion in the Modern World
JWST370Before the Holocaust: The Golden Age of Eastern European Jewry
JWST408Honors Seminar in Jewish Studies
JWST409Research Seminar in Jewish Studies
JWST418Honors Thesis Research in Jewish Studies
JWST429BClassical Arabic Philosophy by Muslims and Jews
JWST452The Golden Age of Jewish Philosophy
JWST478Readings in Modern Hebrew
JWST492Sex, Gender, and Jewish Identity
JWST499Independent Study in Jewish Studies; Independent Study in Jewish Studies
JWST609Supervised Instruction-Practicum in Jewish Studies
JWST619Directed Readings in Jewish Studies
JWST799Masters Thesis Research

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