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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

KNES131VPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Beginning Jogging
KNES134OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Bowling (Intermediate)
KNES137NPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Golf (Beginning)
KNES146FPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Recreational SCUBA (Beginner)
KNES157NPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Weight Training (Beginning)
KNES161TPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Yoga (Beginning)
KNES200Introduction to Kinesiology
KNES201Kinesiological Principles of Physical Activity
KNES287Sport and American Society
KNES289Topical Investigations
KNES293History of Sport in America
KNES300Biomechanics of Human Motion
KNES350The Psychology of Sports
KNES355Sport Management
KNES360Physiology of Exercise
KNES370Motor Development
KNES385Motor Control and Learning
KNES389Topical Investigations
KNES389KTopical Investigations; Kinesiological Sciences Internship
KNES405Principles & Techniques of Manual Muscle Testing
KNES462Neural Basis of Human Movement
KNES497Kinesiology Senior Seminar
KNES498Special Topics in Kinesiology; Special Topics in Kinesiology
KNES689Special Problems in Kinesiology
KNES778Internship in Physical Activity and Public Health
KNES789Advanced Projects in Kinesiology
KNES799Master's Thesis Research
KNES898Pre-Candidacy Research
KNES899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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